Here’s some things you may want to know about our chorus.
- We’re more than a place to go to sing once a week – we are a family!
- We’re more than a choir – we are entertainers!
- We are a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, a community of 21,000 singers, 300 choruses, and 900 quartets from New York to New Zealand.
- We sing a cappella music arranged for treble voices in rich 4-part barbershop harmonies.
- We have multiple performances throughout the year including at medical hospitality houses, community events, fairs, and our annual tea.
- The director will help you decide which part is best for you, depending on your range and your comfort with harmony. She will also assign a riser buddy to you to answer any questions you have.
- After you’ve visited 3 rehearsals, you can ask for an application and schedule an audition. The audition consists of singing a song of your choice from our current song list with a quartet. This will be done in a private room in front of the director. Don’t worry – we want you to sing with us so we will help you be successful.
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